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Friday, 9 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
I just found out two days ago that am pregnant for my boyfriend. I will be 28 in 2months time. His mom told me around July to get pregnant for his son and I should stop taking pills that they will come see my parents once I take in. I told her it wouldn't be possible coz of d kind of family am from but she begged me to and that I shouldn't let her son know of our discussion. I had this medical issue too that I complained about it to a doctor friend who told me I wldnt be able to take in and told me not to worry about it since am not married that it isn't a very big issue. I kinda relaxed too but googled bout it and d drugs i needed for it. Coz of dat I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend and haven't been taking any preventive measures and everything has been fine till two days ago. My boyfriend is OK with the pregnancy but what I don't like is he telling me his family will come see my parents and claim responsibility then we will have our marriage ceremony proper after the child's birth. That he doesn't have money for marriage now. And he intended wedding June 2017 not now.
Am yet to inform my parents coz I don't know how to and I still don't think they will buy d idea of marriage after child birth coz my mom is a minister in church. And my kind of job requires me moving around not am office job. It will be shameful doing dat with a protruding stomach. Might loose my job and official car coz my boyfriend doesn't own a car.i have less than 300k savings and that wouldn't do anything.I have always wanted this epic proposal and bellanaija kinda weddings with bridal showers and d rest. But here I am with non of these and no ring on my fingers even. Really down. Should I agree to his decision? Don't want to be a topic of this kind of discussion. Or a situation where people will be laughing at me. I told him we can do a traditional and court wedding together maybe around February nxt year before the pregnancy becomes so visible. Dunno if any one has been in this kinda situation before. Need advice and how to go through this Asap
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