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Saturday, 10 December 2016

From a female blog reader:
Hello house. I need your comments and advice please. I've been dating my man for 2 years now and we've had our issues but we've always managed to sort things out. Recently tho, something happened that's threatening to tear my relationship apart. I'm 23 and he is 30.
One of our mutual friends was getting married. He was the best man and I was a bridesmaid. Basically, he is not just a person that knows how to dance. He is very stiff when it comes to dancing and it's usually a very awkward situation if he dances here. I on the other hand am a dance freak. We are on two extremes of the dance scale. Av even tried teaching him but to no avail. But it wasn't a big deal. It has never mattered to me but now it's a case o. Before this wedding, I had been having a rough couple of weeks at work so I danced my heart out at this wedding, that's after the main ceremony cux it lasted overnight. It made many guys want to dance with me and he kept pushing them off. At a point, he just left. I thought he was busy with something else. Little did I know that he was just sitting and watching angrily. After the wedding, he changed. I asked why and all he could say was that ''am not satisfied with him because he can't dance. That I was dancing with a finer taller guy at the wedding and that the guy is obviously my kind of guy''. I was still trying to pet him and calm his jealousy when he now reminded me of one time I jokingly told him a certain one of my friends is very handsome. He went on to say that ''he (my bf) is not that tall and not that handsome (true) and that he doesn't even know how I agreed to date him. And he knows it's not the money. So that what is it? ". I was shook. He is loving and caring and every other thing there is but he doesn't wanna listen to me. He is jealous of any 'averagely' fine guy that comes near me. Now he doesn't call or text again. He was choking me with love before... Calling every second... I was even tired of the call at a time.... But now, no more. If I call him, he will start making jest of me..... Calling me Dance queen in the zanga, dancing machine, kaffy, fine girl no pimple wey all d guys de chase, saying that I love him
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