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Friday, 18 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
I really love this platform you have going.
Straight to the point:
I read stories where the men pamper their women or where an undergraduate (who may not really have what to offer in a relationship) meets a rich guy who is truly into her and spoils her silly. My issue is this, how come I don't get to meet such men? Not that I'm all about the money or gifts but what I mean is why can't I find a man that will spend on me or spoil me. I always seem to date the "potential" "upcoming" guys. Even when I meet guys that are doing OK for themselves, they tend to be rude and snubby with all manner of attitudes. Not that I want to depend on a man's money, trust me I'm a petroleum engineering grad and I didn't go through all that just to depend on a man. I just finished my service and I'm pushing every single button to get a job and I know by God's grace I will but I will love to also have a man that will appreciate me, pamper me, spend on me, buy gifts for me. I'm really tired of dating struggling guys that will still mess up and hurt me. I don't know why I always seem to date men that I'm even financially bouyant than them. Is it my cross or what? I'm really emotional and I love, pet and support any man I'm with but to be honest I'll also love to get it in return. Please I want to know; should I just stick to the struggling men and accept it as my fate or should I ignore this guys around me and wait for "Prince charming"? P.S
If you know of any oil firm hiring or if you can influence a job for me, please please reach out to me. BBM pin: 5C1C501E
I don't mind the location.
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