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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

From a male blog reader:
My marriage to the woman I love is currently at the point of destruction! I married this beautiful damsel about 3 years ago and I couldn't have asked for a better wife but she has one big problem, men!!!. Before I married her, I had realized some inconsistent behavior around how she treated her male friends, she had way more male friends than female friends but I ignored this because I assumed it was just a personality thing than otherwise. On occasion, she had told me she could change her clothing in front of some of these guys and could share vulgar conversations etc. Her behavior led me to ask her about her sexual experiences but she said she had only been with two guys. She even swore to GOD about what she had done in the past. But because I loved her so much, I married her none the less and I have showered her with nothing but love.
She has also been a good woman to me, cooks for me, cleans, leans on me etc and I couldn't ask for better. Last week, I returned home from work early but she did not hear me step in. She was in the room discussing with her best friend and then I overheard them talking about how some Yemi guy used to fuck the shit out of her brains, in fact the talk got so deep that she said she misses the days of Yemi, Ahmed, Folarin and Alex. Saying that "Remember that day wey Alex carry me enter that boat, that was the best sex of my life!". I was so devasted and wounded that I burst into tears for the first time in my life.
The moment she saw me, her first words were what did you hear? And I said everything. Then she spent the next hour confessing how she has actually been with 24 men before marriage! I felt like a very big fool and even though these things happened in the past, I don't trust her anymore and I want a divorce!! Please advice me!
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