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Sunday, 6 November 2016

From a male blog reader:
I have been married for 6years now and I love my family, our marriage has been cool even With the ups and down. My wife had been the reserve type that I practically beg her for sex, if she agrees, she ends up putting off the lights . But few weeks ago during sex I noticed she kept giving me the dog style and deliberately giving me her ass, I will penetrate her pussy but she pulls my dick out and want it in her ass. So I asked her and she said she wanted it, I wanted to try it but I felt very irritated I must confess. She spoke to me and convinced me about it and I had to get myself drunk last week to fuck her anus, after sex my wife was bleeding seriously that I had to rush her to the hospital , the doctor said she has pie and she will be operated . I feel so guilty . Now my wife just dropped me a note in the hospital that our marriage is over, claiming she was just putting me to a test . Please I don't get her, am I suppose to go beg her or what ? She wanted it I gave it to her , how is it my fault please .
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