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Thursday, 3 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Good morning, please keep me anonymous. I need your kind and sincere advise readers. I'm 23 years old, and in a relationship with a guy of 31. We met sometime in March and started dating in April. When we started, things were going on very fine. Until we shared our past experiences, I told him of the guys I dated and had flings with. I noticed he started having serious issues when he went through my phone one day and read a chat I had with my sister, and my sister stated in our chat that I didn't tell her I did something with one guy like that, I totally forgot about the guy in question so I didn't mention him when myself and my boyfriend were sharing our experiences. The bottom line is that my boyfriend don't trust me base on this and always probes me, and accuses me of doing things that I don't even thing or imagine doing. It bothers me a whole lot and it makes me end up in tears most of the time. I'm always crying infact . We had an issue last night which lingered until this morning, he was accusing me of having an affair with 2guys simply because he saw their contact on my dial log, in other to proof that I wasn't, I called them and kept the phone on speaker so he could hear our conversation. One of them was like when I'm I coming back to my state, and that I shouldn't marry before I come back o! Honestly this guy was joking, cos have know him for years now. My bf got so angry that I had the guts to call my lover in his presence and flung my phone to me, which hit me on my hand. I just started crying profusely because of a truth I do not have anything intimate to do with the guy in question. I called my sister my sister called my brother and they are not happy about his actions. I already told him I'm tired and that I can't continue to live with such emotional torture, that a relationship with no trust is not a healthy one at all, my brother also has suggested that I end it. I love my boyfriend so much but I have my fears. I don't want to end up in an abusive marriage, one with no trust. I'm scared he can never trust me no matter how faithful and honest I be in the relationship and that is what breaks my heart. Advise me
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