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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Hi everyone!!
> > Please conceal my id and kindly post immediately and also pardon my English I am a Nigerian but I was born and breed in Cote d'ivore so I am not too good in writing english...
> > I am in a LDR with my man... I met this guy online early this year, I am 24, he's 31 and we got along, he told me he broke up with his ex just because they can't marry that her parents are against her marrying a Yoruba dude... Along the line we started dating, everything was perfect, he does almost everything for me, got me a honda cross tour last month after i had a terrible accident on a bike, we don't live in the same state... Hes a very caring person... I never doubted he's love for me not even once! not until days back he posted a picture on IG and I commented with the heart smiley and then I noticed he deleted it and I angrily dressed up and went to hang out with my bestie not telling him because if I stayed at home I will be wallowing in pain and he found out through the pictures I posted that I went out he got angry because his comments tells he was and I angrily told him its because of my comment he deleted that made me not to tell him I was going out... So he begged me that it was because of his ex that she has been using another account to hassle him... this his Ex lives in the same state with him and that made me to go through his profile on fb to see if I could find anything about this ex that's tryna come back because he blocked her in all his social media platform, lo and behold I found out that his ex has been seeing him all through because she takes almost all her pictures in his house I confronted him he said they are no longer together that I should maintain this healthy relationship we are building.. I am very emotional joro that's why I barely go into a relationship something is telling me they are still seeing each other... I just told him I am done with him I am very loyal when I am in a relationship I feel very bad when someone is cheating on me... Since my first bf of 4 years died I have been single I only decided to try again I don't deserve to be ill treated.. I am suffering from palpitations right now because I cried a lot last night.
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