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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

From a female blog reader
Tnks for ur page,this my story I met this guy 3yrs ago and wit time I av feelings for him gradually I move to his house in sch, buh still maintain mine(house)we always do things together, when we are in sch he CNT resist me for 1day if we have issue then later he finished and move to lag wit his family if we now have issue he will be like am proud,arrogant this that,all his family member no me to d extent that his mum will buy goods and gimi to sell right now am even oweining his mum,cause she took me like her dauther,buh my point is this guy we have been having issues since 4days now he started the issue before my exam and till I finished he didn't even think of settleling with me,he made me no how happy he is cause he post pics on IG almost everyday buh never think on calling me till now,in a but shell he said one word yesterday when I called to even tell him how am feeling and he's like you proud, u arrogant of which he said am crazy on one issues DAT doesn't even mean anything,he didn't even care on how have been doing since 4days back,d word he use on me makes me angry and yet he don't want to admit it words like you are crazy,when I got angry and showing it he's like am a raz girl,have been with him for 3years noting of such come out from him,buh now he base in Lagos,he's been acting up.I feel like am forcing him.pls I need advice am week right now.
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