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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Hello pls i will like to be anonymous.Pls kindly help me out ,i had a fiance i had a baby for just of recent we did our introduction .My problem started when i met a guy on social media ,what caught my attention was his dp because i had to to open his dp and found out he is so cute.we started talking,gisting ,rubbing minds with him later on found out hes married.As he seems so hes not really a type of guy that do cheat or so but my problem is i dont know how to erase him off my mind even anytime i try to stop talking to him i find myself unhappy ,i always try to communicate with him everytime time sometimes he ignore almost my chatz he doesnt really show if he has feelings for me cos he hasnt call me for once or try to check on me ,i do all these always got to a point he stopped talking to me on phone .and whenever i make up my mind to stop keep conversation with him like blocking him off my pages ,i found out it affects me emotionally like being unhappy ,feeling sick or so .times without number i blocked him off but later on still keep apologising to accept my request back ..this is really affecting me .have never set my eyes on him but seeing his pictures or chatting up with him really makes me happy .sometimes i felt like am forcing myself on him to be sincere it doesnt really show he has a feelings for me ,am jus forcing myself on him .Pls kindly help me with word of advise ,how can i stop thinking about him ? How can i ever erase him off my minds ? How can i ever erase him off my life ?????? Pls help me out pls dont insult me cos i will be reading the comments as to gain something thanks
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