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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
I'm 25 I'm dating this guy who is also 25 but he is done with school while I am still in school we stay in same state we quite cool and all but the issue is he cheats a lot he is always chatting with girls when I ask him who he is chatting with he just shouts at me and asks me to mind my business . Finally he was sleeping at night and then I used his thumb print to open his phone And ran to my friends house with it to go through I saw numerous girls his been dating two girls plus me three and he tells them he has a gf that is me but she chats dirty with them they chat deep about life but they always complain that when his gf is around he doesn't give them time anyway I sent some one to give him his phone and then I went back to my house he tried being sorry initially I didn't give him listening ears he started saying he loves me more that those girls don't mean any thing
to him and all I still didn't listen to him he begged for like 30 minutes and leta stopped calling and acts totally like he doesn't care. I called and asked him why he is cheating he was like he doesn't have strength for issues I cried a lot that day and since then we haven't called each other. Please I'm I wrong?
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