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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
As a single parent, I dated this married guy for 6yrs,he was all I didn't get from my ex. 5yrs into our relationship, I discovered he had anoda family which he started with his 1st love around same time we started. I confronted him and he apologized and cried so much. He professed love and said it was only with me he found true love. By then I felt I wouldn't really go far with him since he had 2 separate families but I couldn't leave bcos he had done so much for my son and I. I felt indebted. Besides, he was always monitoring my movt, he wld be mad and sometimes panic if I didn't pick his call. Recently I met a widower who wants to marry me, I went ahead without his knowledge and he really was mad, he said I betrayed him and I wasted 6yrs of his time and used him etc. My ppl, shld I av stuck with him? For how many years more?
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