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Thursday, 24 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Pls hide my ID. I found a way to hack into my bfs phone, because he was lying way too much, and deleting his texts, so I never had proof. he always made me look stupid for thinking he was cheating by being so defensive and topping up with more lies. I have been reading his texts for some days now. he's been flirting with girls(sexually). I'm sure if I give it some more time, I'd confirm what I'd always suspected. That he's been sleeping with these other women. I have series of tests coming up soon so I'm thinking I should wait till I'm done, then confront and break up with him because of all the drama this could come with..I want advice on how to confront him, break up and take my revenge. Also I feel, if I wait till after my tests, I wouldn't be as angry as I am now to get back at him. Should I wait, or confront him now?
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