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Thursday, 17 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
I could never have imagined I would be sharing my story on a social media platform. Please share as anonymous.
We met in 2014 through a friend and we started dating in December. He believes in all those zodiac signs stuff but I really did not share in this idea. He can be extremely quite and distant even to family. I explained to him that all those things has to do with your mind and any practicing christian can pray his/her way out of that kind of behaviour so as not to hurt the people that love you... He was extremely nice and I fell in love with him even when he said he wasn't ready to share his past relationship with me yet. I really did not care but shared mine. He would go for weeks/months without talking to me as we were in separate countries and each time I confront him, he usually says it his mood and all that... I was reallyyyyyy patient with him. I got to find out from a friend that the EX had died in an accident with their child and was scared of telling. I became really soft towards him and showed him all the love even when he did not tell me about the EX.
Fast forward to this year, we started having issues and was not in communication with him as he had to sell his phone, Salary was delayed and several others... I transferred the little cash I had to him and we only mailed each other. I was really struggling in the relationship and still patient... Things grew worse, after he got the phone. No calls, whatsapp, bbm, even though he was always online on fb but never replies my messages nor picks my calls.. It was like I was practically irritating him.. Always complained of been too tired of everything but kept encouraging him that it would get better with time that he should get closer to God..
I was really struggling so confronted him the second time that I was really tired that he should try to talk to me something.. I was practically begging. Next thing he said I should either be patient or we should take a break that am nagging... I took the first option and was patient. we did not talk after then till my birthday where he just sent "happy birthday" to me in June. Nothing special.
No comms again till his birthday in October when I sent him an epistle about how much I loved him and all. I got ''Thank you" as the reply. Did not talk to me throughout that day as he said he was busy... However, I woke up one morning and felt "Hey girl, you've had enough of this emotional torture of someone that is not willing to fix things''. I never had the intentions of breaking up via sms but was left with no option after so much struggle. I imagined long term in all these. As I write, there was no form of contact from him after I sent him the message.
I really have no idea of what went wrong and if I did the right thing by ending the relationship... Please no hateful comment. 
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