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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Hello family.keep me an anonymous please.i have been dating my boyfriend since 2010. Everything was going fine until i traveled out of town, we were still keeping in touch till one day i heard is dating one of my church members then when i ask him, he said i shouldn't worry about it that am always is first choice dat no matter what he will always love me.So ever since then we were still talking. till one day i find diz guy here in Europe but i try out with him for one year.it was not working and my boyfriend knew about it.when ever he asked me i always denying that i don't have a boyfriend.. so when i see the relationship was not going well i quit it off. Then ask my boyfriend forgiveness..am not dating again.am hoping to see my boyfriend again next year..my boyfriend is out of town now.i have been receiving different types of messages from unknown person saying my boyfriend is still calling the girl in Nigeria so when i ask him, he said no,nothing like that.. so when he called me yesterday i ask him why is the girl still liking and commenting on ur pics and he replied and said is nothing then i ask him again are you sure you're not still calling diz girl he said yes but not as mine.. so later he said d girl birthday is in 2 days that is planning to post her pics on fbk.. When i heard that i was down for 20 minutes i couldn't say anything please my family what should i do? should i believe am the one he really want or, i should just let him go and focus on my own life...thanks God bless you all as you comment
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