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Monday, 28 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Dear Somtoo blog,kindly keep my identity hidden.my story is kinda vague,just wanna get straight to the point.I had the best relationship happened to me this year tho with challenges and I lost it,we kept having constant issues n he decided to call it quit,it weren't infidelity issues or trust issues its more of personality issues.its been months since the break up and I tried as much as I can to move on but its hard cos I feel like he's the one,he's the best person have ever dated,he made me feel special and all sort plus he's not a fuckboy.I have made attempt to reverse the break up which only resulted in another major fight...its easier to say move on,you'll get a better man this and that,but what if u don't want a better man u just want him,I really love him n the past few months have been so hard.how can you get an ex back without actually having to beg? How long should u try to get em back.if that doesnt work out ,is there anything like a love rehab here in Nigeria?or a psychiatrist someone can talk to,to help air out and work through the pain.or anyone that gone through a hard heartbreak and overcame it that can help me,pls indicate I will DM you.thanks and please ease up on the insults,I'd always thought I can't fall this hard in love n here I am writing epistles at 3am lol ..
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    i give thanks to jai mother sunlight for her great concern over me and my household. she really indeed has been a pilar to my family. we have been running one problem to another but she has always be the one saving us. my husband and i are so much happy for your great help in our lives mother... you really have be a good mother to us even in our darkest paths' you were there with us to strength us. i don't know what to give but i give you thanks mother. readers,,in have been into pains and suffering...but jai mata sunlight saved me and family and again, she blessed us more than we can ever have thought of. i want to tell you that, Jai Mata Sunlight" is the saviour of life and property. she is the great love healer. contact her for your problems and it shall be solved.via sunlightmata@gmail.com i promise you, your return shall be in fulness. with lots of testimonies and blessings.


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