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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Hello everyone, I'm 25 now, I got disvirgin in 2011 by my first love and we broke up, I was mad@ myself n decided to move on, just in 2013 I came across this guy and he acted all in one , love him and things were going on fine and along the line I realised he's into yahoo and I asked him and he said no I kept quite in the process I became pregnant and I know my future is not safe with this guy, he said I can keep it if I want but I told mysef hell no, this is not right and we both suggested to get rid of it, i used a pill n it came out like normal period but the flow is heavier, may God forgive us .I keep asking God for forgiveness n he has forgiven me. That was the first n last time i tried that shit and i truly felt bad and after that I broke up with him I wouldn't want him to destroy my life, now I'm so much born again, I know that's my ugly past and its over. I'm engaged now and along the line he asked if had ever aborted I said no but within me I know I lied to him for the first time, the question is should I tell him now or not. Pls need your sincere advice not insults pls. Thanks
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