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Friday, 25 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Am a single mother the guy who impregnated me denied the pregnancy at first and later accepted it,my baby clocked 3 on October 6th this year.... I never for once allowed my family to insult him for any reason till date, he has never seen my parents,he never appreciated my efforts we were still dating when I suspected him cheating but I ignored it all of a sudden he called to tell me he was no longer interested,he Has a younger sister who is always making it hard for us, tho his father likes me but his mother is late,now He wants me back, but he has a lady living with him....am so 😕 confused..... Dunno what to do, my parents have never set there eyes on him till now,all he keeps saying is you are my baby mama it's all upto u.... Please what do I,my daughters future is important....thank you
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  1. you need to be careful not to be used, your daughter truly need a father but don't make yourself a slave


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