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Monday, 28 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Please post so I don't loose my mind .
My boyfriend smell my pussy before and after he makes love to me and I hate the expression on his face after he does that .
Sometimes he will dip his fingers inside like he is doing surgery and be smelling it like pit latrine . I have tried to endure all this while but it is killing my self esteem,so I had to build courage to talk to him about it but all he could tell me was that his mum warned him to AlwAys do that before sleeping with a woman . Personally am no longer comfortable with such and it makes me feel dirty all the time which I know am not at all. This boyfriend am talking off wears his boxers for 5 or 4 days .if am giving him bj black dirt will be coming out,I practically shave him every weekend yet he is smelling my pussy all the time . Is this enough to break up ?
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