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Monday, 21 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Please post this for me. My skin is scattered because I have been trying to please this man. Am a black beautiful girl, I love my skin not until I met my boyfriend, I love him so much but he keeps cheating on me with fair girls and comes back apologizing. When I ask him he will say because fair girls turn him on, why can't you leave me alone but he will say I have a good character but he is not attracted to me .
He pleaded with me to bleach for him that if I do it he will never cheat and he will propose to me as soon as my skin complexion changes . He bought me so many lotion but they keep burning my skin and giving be patches . If you all see my face and body now, it's in a mess, and he is still cheating .
I stopped applying the lotion and trying to heal but he keeping saying he will continue cheating if I don't change my complexion fast .
I need help please .
I love being a black woman, I know bleaching has side effect and the cost of maintaining a bleached skin is expensive which we can't afford .should I just walk away or put in more effort to make him happy ?
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