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Monday, 7 November 2016

Less than 24 hours before the United States presidential elections takes place on Tuesday 8 October, Nigeria's House of Representatives has warned Nigerian-Americans against voting Republican Party candidate Donald Trump in the polls.

Chairman, House of Representatives ad-hoc Committee on the Nigeria-United States (U.S.) Congress Relations, Mr. Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma, said in a press release outed on Monday:
"His (Trump) statement on Africans is a disgrace to humanity and it is unfortunate that Donald Trump is playing the script of a racist not only as a member of KKK but also standing as an apostle of the Satan. America is not for sale and Americans should not fall into Trump’s hands as he has decided to ridicule the USA.

"Trump is taking the world back to the era of slavery that the forefathers of America fought so hard in building a better America will today be crying in their graves.

"This is not the type of America they foresaw as over the years while living in the United States of America as a real estate practitioner I was fortunate to listen to Trump lecturing on real estate.

"I saw him then as a good business man who wanted to build a better America. I saw him praising former President Bill Clinton as one of the best Presidents America ever had.

"I also saw him pouring encomium on Senator Hilary Clinton as one of the best Secretary of State America ever had. Now today, he has changed from his former position as someone who loved the Bill Clinton family to someone who hates the Clintons.

"Today he’s speaking from both sides of his mouth. A man must be trustworthy because Donald Trump is on trial in so many criminal activities involving tax evasion, molesting women and above all, disregarding those who fought for a greater and better America because of his selfish interest.

"I’m appealing to all Nigerian-Americans who are eligible to vote not to throw away their voting right. We don’t want to go back to the dark days. We want to forge ahead for a brighter future."
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