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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
Good day everybody please post this asap am 24 my bf is 28 we re in distant relationship but I know he loves me so much I know he does everything for me I mean everything starving himself cus of me but I fuck up I had sex with a married man please not cause of money he didn't give me 1naira but I don't know how it happen we had sex its been 3weeks but its hurting me badly and pyscologically I want to confess to him but Somtoo blog you have helped thousand please help me I can't focus @work i know if I tell him it will hurt him and I don't how to lift it off my mind I had sex another man please I have prayed I need to purge out my mind I know with you and God advice I will heal up thanks I love all admin you are helping lives if you don't know thanks so much
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