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Monday, 28 November 2016

From a female blog reader:
I just need to state the problem I have with my boyfriend right here since he has been begging me to collect his ring which I rejected . Baby I did not dump you for another man like you and your friends think,I left you because you might turn me to a car wash when we are married and am not your slave .
I loved my boyfriend so much that we do everything together including washing his car,I cook ,clean, do every thing a wife should do including the one am not suppose to do.
I wash my boyfriends car to make him happy, sometimes we wash it together as we play and gist,but this man now decided to make it a habit to tell me to be washing his car . He will wake up in the morning and ask me to go wash his car,I will wake up as early as 5 am wash his car and still sex him before he goes to work, the day I refused he beat me up and pushed me outside to go wash his car. Because I was living with him I was just managing till I was able to get my apartment. So when he proposed I refused because I was scared of being a slave . Which sensible man ask a woman to wash his car ? I wash down to his jeans and even iron his cloths. Yes he has been begging me but he still brag to his friends that i will be washing his car . Family please is it ok for a woman to wash a mans car? Like is it a woman's duty to wash her husbands car every morning ?please help me post .
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