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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

By now, you must have come across a headline saying "7-year-old boy killed for stealing garri in Lagos" on one of the popular Nigerian news sites or on social media.

Well, nobody was killed for stealing garri. To be honest, someone was killed by a mob, but not for stealing garri (cassava grains). The victim is also a grownup in his 20s not a 7-year-old - as the pictures show.

The incident actually  happened in Lagos on Tuesday 15 November 2016 (see graphic photos and pictures here). According to Oladipupo Raphael Dare who first broke the news on Facebook, the unidentified suspect was lynched by an angry mob and burnt to death for stealing a mobile phone.

From the story, we can see that Africans are still barbaric (just like we've always been) but nobody was burnt to death for stealing a 50 naira cup of garri.
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  1. Chaaii!! I can't believe this that even the media can lie to this extent. this act happened at Alafia here in Lagos which is also the place I'm living. it's all lie and I won't fold my hands see the media deceiving the whole world with wrong information.
    I witnessed this live though it was ugly but the man (called seven year old boy) murdered to women before he was caught and killed. this is not in any way injustice but justice.


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