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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

This article was written by a political analyst Onyebuchi Ememanka who talks about the recent arrest of judges by the Department of Security Services (DSS) on Saturday 8 October 2016.

The DSS And Their Phantom Dollars, by Onyebuchi Ememanka

A few months ago and in my usual Buhari passion, I was one of those that celebrated those phantom dollar discoveries.
The DSS or is it the EFCC had gone to town with the news of the discovery of One Million Dollars in raw cash hidden inside the "soak away" of the former Director of Budget of the Nigeria Airforce in his house at Badagry.
I celebrated the "mega discovery". I was at my grammatical best and as usual, I was joined by the army of my fellow Buhari supporters. Meanwhile, as I celebrated, I never saw any evidence anywhere. No pictures, no statements from the suspects but it didn't matter. This is Buhari after all, the anti corruption Chutzpah. Even when Eric Uchenna Chimara sent me an inbox asking me to check well before I celebrate, I ignored him.
Till today, no one saw any dollar anywhere.
I am amazed at what we celebrate. As a Buhari supporter, I understand the psychology of the average Buhari supporter. We are starved of action. Daily we seek something to celebrate about our fabled warlord and so, whatever we hear, we enter town. We don't think, we don't ask questions. Don't blame us. It's our cross. We will carry it.
Even my fellow Buhari supporter and brother, Ugo Aladum in his desperation to confer legitimacy on the actions of the DSS quoted the words of the Presidential Aide on Prosecution, Okoi Obono Obla and added the title (SAN) to his name. In his wild goose chase, he forgot that Obla is not a SAN. Aladum made the Cross River born politician and lawyer a SAN. Just like the DSS took over the job of the NJC in the investigation of judges, Aladum took over the job of the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee in conferring the title of SAN on people. In his mind, that's the only way to legitimize what our man and his men did. Once a SAN speaks law, it's final. Don't blame him. Pity him. He is my comrade in the Buhari army. That's our lot. We grope in the dark for something to celebrate.
What of the Dieziani billions? Where are they?
The billions found inside one phantom vault inside the Akwa Ibom State Government House nko?
What of the Dasuki billions?
People saw a typed document and went to town. No signatures, no name of any officer and no evidence of where the document emanated from. But it doesn't matter. Once Angel Buhari is involved, it must be true...somehow.
Till date, none of these judges have spoken. No one has heard their voices. Yet we have passed judgment on them.
Justice Adeniyi lied. That's the other story. He said he was not at home but his cell phone signal gave him away. My friends laugh and celebrate. Ask them the source of that story and they will tell you to forget it. These are grown men and women o! This Buhari passion is dangerously infectious. Believe me.
On CHANNELS TV, during their 8pm news last night, a transcription of the dialogue between Justice Adeniyi and the DSS when they stormed km his house was shown. Anyone who listened will recall that. The man asked them who they were and they said DSS. Open the door. The Judge said...I NEED TO CALL MY LAWYER, and the DSS MAN replied ARE YOU NOT A LAWYER? and the Judge said I AM NOT A LAWYER, I AM A JUDGE OF THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT.
This exchange was shown on TV last night. Only the good Lord knows where the story of the man saying he was not at home came from.
Be careful what you believe. We are dealing with Judges here. Wait until you hear their own side of the story.
Have you seen any pictures of any money seized? Do you think that the DSS will waste time in showing such money if they had it?
Judges are not street boys that have no brains. In the judiciary, you will find the most brilliant men God created. They are not saints. There may be cases against them but don't gloat in a hurry. Wait till you hear both sides of the story.
Again, finding money in the house of a judge is no conclusive proof of crime. Judges are not poor people by any standard. They were lawyers before joining the Bench. A good number of them were successful lawyers and had invested. Apart from being well paid, lots of them do other things. They deliver lectures both at home and abroad. They speak at international fora and they get handsome honorarium. They write books and contribute to learned journals. They get paid for these. Since no one is sure of how much was exactly found in their homes, I suggest we wait.
The DSS said they found evidence of landed property and in their minds, they are evidence of crime. This is very ridiculous. A Judge is so poor that he can't own property? Even a Justice of the Supreme Court? Chai!
A Supreme Court Justice has been in the judiciary for at 25 years minimum. They are well paid. They have wives who are professionals in their own fields. Some of their wives are successful businesswomen. Most of them have successful children in different professions across the world.
This is not the first time I am saying this.
When some months ago, the DSS with the support of the action starved social media Army went to town with the news that jewelries worth billions of Naira were found in the bedroom of Dieziani Alison Madueke plus documents showing ownership of houses, and as people danced, I reminded us that Dieziani didn't join government from the streets. She was and remains the first woman to become an Executive Director at Shell. If you understand the oil industry, you will know that an ED at SHELL should own jewelry and houses. Again, she is the wife of a man who was Military Governor of the old Imo and Anambra states. A man who commanded several key commands of the Nigerian Navy and later became Chief of Naval Staff. Such a woman can never be poor even if she were a full time housewife. Again, she is the daughter of a key traditional ruler in Bayelsa State with huge cash. She didn't attend any Nigerian University. She studied abroad. The daughter of a poor man cannot do that.
My point was finding jewelry in the house of such a woman is no conclusive proof of crime.
It will be interesting when this case will come to court, that is, if it will ever come. It will be interesting to see how these men of law will stand in the dock and take pleas before their brother Judges.
Buhari and his DSS apparatchik may have won this initial battle but will they win this war?
Let's wait and see.
By the early hours of this morning, they had released Justice Ngwuta of the Supreme Court and Justice Pindiga.
Don't celebrate too early.
Is it not the same DSS that told us of the discovery of a certain shallow grave somewhere in Isuikwuato with scores of dead bodies of Fulani herdsmen buried there? Till date and months after, no one has seen any grave nor any bodies.
Onyebuchi Ememanka
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