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Monday, 24 October 2016

A picture of the royal-looking "Brazilian hair" dog went viral months ago without much information attached to it. But now, Somtoo Okoye blog has authoritatively gathered more facts about "But Tea," the 5-year-old five-year-old black Afghan hound breed whose flowing furs have attracted huge internet attention.

Owner Luke Kavanagh admitted that his dog has become a "supermodel" after it won several accolade during a recent dog show in Sydney, Australia.
According to corporate worker/bodybuilder, Luke,
"Even our weekend walks draw a crowd. She pretends she doesn’t need the attention, but she definitely loves it, just like any supermodel,

"I guess people were mostly drawn to [the photo] because of her silky coat coupled with that dignified look that Tea has, but that’s just her being her."
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