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Monday, 10 October 2016

From a male blog reader
I quit my job last few months because of my wife and now she wants to turn me into her house boy.
My wife is a very difficult person so it has been very hard for us to get a permanent nanny or help,it has been one problem or the other .
So when she got a better job than myself we talked about it and I decided to quit my job and take care of our little daughter, but I never knew it will be a house boy job.
The way she shouts at me like a kid, before she gets back from work she will call and give me instructions like
Baby boil rice
Baby wash plate u know I hate dirty kitchen
Baby that sitting room should be clean
Baby boil yam and stew
Baby rush to that near by market before they close
Baby that toilet you washed used jik
One rubbish errand or the other .
Am really tired of this rubbish, I just feel I sold my birth right to my wife and I feel so stupid for quitting my job.
I called her few days back to talk to her but she insulted me by saying
Let me hear word, do you know what I pass through in the office just to put food on the table, do you know the pressure I face just to take care of us? If you are tired of being a dad you pack out of my house let me look for a maid. Then she walked away.
This house she is saying, the rent she just paid recently and I have been paying this rent not until I quit my job.
I really felt less of a man and I have been doing a lot of thinking .
Do I ask her to quit while I get another job?
Or do I just manage with her ?
The marriage is getting really annoying for me
I feel like a house boy in my own house.
Please I need public opinion on this , it would really help.
Thanks and God bless.

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