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Thursday, 20 October 2016

From a female blog reader
 I did something very crazy and it's hunting me now.
Just like my sister toke said we should kiss a stranger,I did not only kiss a stranger I f..ked a stranger and I even allowed his 2 friends have a 3some with me, including anal sex all in the name of catching fun.
I met this guy in the bank and we connected like MTN network, got talking that same day and I landed in his hotel room. This guy fucked me silly and almost killed me but he wanted more. So he asked if he could invite his friends and I agreed, he invited this 2 cute guys and they took turns on me. It was fun cause for the first time I felt like a bitch just like I watch in the movies.
I wanted more, so they took me from my anus, it was painful but yet pleasurable,it was a pure definition of fun .
They gave me some cool cash of about 350k and I left .
I never saw them again in my life. I even told my boyfriend about it but did not tell him about the 2 other guys, that was when he asked me the craziest thing I have done.
Counting Few days to my introduction which was 3 days ago I saw this guys in my boyfriends house, watching football.
I almost died, it was as if my life will just end. My boyfriend introduced me to them and they all greeted me.
I was so ashamed of myself, I felt very dirty like a pig.
I served them drinks and we all gisted in pretense.
I don't know what came into me and the memories of what we did began to flash back, one of the guys gave me signal, I noticed it when he said he wanted to use the rest room. I took him in to show him the visitors rest room when he grabbed my ass and boobs, started fingering me and the next thing he has penetrated and already done.
Gosh I almost died again .
Please do I need to tell my boyfriend before our introduction ?do you all feel that this guys could set me up?one of the guys is to be my boyfriends best man.
I just used my hand to complicate my life.
I need mature advise .
No insults pls.
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