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Saturday, 8 October 2016

From a female blog reader:
Please keep me anonymous ,my best friend referred me to reading the stories on here,I have a little problem and I need your advise,I'm 21 and I just got in a relationship with a guy which is up to 2 months now and before I got into the relationship I made sure I asked him well of there won't be any problem he said 100% there won't be any,not until on monday when someone told me she saw my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend I asked my boyfriend about it the next day he said that Nothing of such happend and why do I have to listen to what people say and that I should know people would always want to come between us ,we settled it and it was gone that same monday I called my boyfriend in the evening he wasn't picking called like 3 times then the next voice I heard was a girls voice I asked who it was and she said his gf and I got confused then she hanged up on me,I now asked my best friend to help try his number maybe it was network and all
Then he picked, he now called me I shouted at him cus I was really pissed and I was very sure I called his number,he denied it was the network,we settled it so last night called his number it was going like 3 times so I just decided to try on someone else's phone it went through,someone said he blocked me from calling him I now saw his call later then I complained to him he denied it,I have a feeling he's back with his ex girlfriend but he claims he loves me and doesn't want to loose me to Anybody and u should stop listening to people cus they only want to come btween us ,please guys I need your advice do you think I should continue or I should jut let him be,please advice .thank you
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