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Monday, 17 October 2016

From a female blog reader:
Family please put mouth inside this matter that is bordering me.
I live with my elder brother because his house is very close to my school,and also our parents said I live with him so he can monitor my movement .
My problem is his wife, the way this woman screams during sex is alarming,I could hear the bed shaking from my room as if the bed will break, sometimes I use to think my brother is hitting her, she will scream the whole house down .... Kubaya , kubaya baby kubaya for those who understand Igbo it means hit it, nack it. At some point she will be mute and just start screaming again, but I never hear my brothers voice, just her voice. I believe as a woman we should have manners and be decent in what we do, I even feel for the nanny and kids in the other room because the noise is so loud that even if use my hands free I will still be hearing her, only her voice .Sometimes I just go to the living room but still you will be hearing her and when she comes out she will be looking innocent and asking us to gather for morning devotion .when she starts praying I feel very irritated as I will just be imagining all I heard last night . Please should I talk to her about it? May be she does not know her voice is that loud and embarrassing . Or should I tell my brother about it joke joke ? But I think she needs to know how irritating she makes noise during sex, she is not the only one in the house.
Please this is serious .
Am ashamed for her .
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