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Monday, 17 October 2016

Tekno said in his song, Pana, They say you like cassava. I get big cassava. Baby Pana. However, a Facebook user named Frank Obodo is the rela MVP when it comes to "big" cassava tubers.

The pastime farmer from Ohaji in Imo State says his tubers weighs up to 30 kg, obviously way higher than anything singer Tekno was bragging about in his song.

Obodo wrote:
"I am proud to be an Ohaji man (food basket of the Imo State). A tuba of my cassava weighed 30kg, only 3 stems of cassava in my farm gave me one basin of garri.

"The produce attracted neighborhoods to see for themselves as many testified dat my farm produced the highest ever witnessed since they were born.

"I give God all d glory for giving me in abundance."

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