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Sunday, 23 October 2016

From a female blog reader:
Am 24 and am dating a guy who is 27 and its a long distance relationship.... I really love this guy nd want to build a future with him.... But the problem is this guy is always complaining of not having money even before i open my mouth to ask him for anything.... My fellow family i can swear i dont demand money from this guy but once in a while i just dont have enough money on me so i have to ask him for help.. Note:am a third year nursing student nd will b completing soon.... He works nd tho he does not earn that much which i understand i feel he is just being stingy with me! Wen i visit i realise he goes out a lot with his friends to chill nd drink but this is the same person complaining of not having money, we have been dating for a year nd not for once has he even bought me common comb to talk of other expensive things.... But i do buy him things nd sometimes for his sister's not cuz i have money but i believe the little things in relationship must not b overlooked..........i recently had a chat with him nd asked him to atleast give me 100gh cedis at the end of the month to atleast support myself cuz i understand he has to take care of himself too but this guy pretended dz chat never took place.... And this is a guy who wants to marry me after school.. Am really confused i might die of hunger if i marry dz guy cuz in my culture it is believed that "someone who share's the little he has with you will give do same if he has more. " i sometimes have to ask some of my male friends for help while i know my man should b able to support nd they make fun of me that i have a stingy boyfriend..... Pls u guys should advise me on wat to do..... Because am getting scared of the future.... Pls no insult's... Thanks
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  1. The fact is that he does not love you, just let him go simple and open your heart for someone else to come in and appreciate you. Okay?


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