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Saturday, 22 October 2016

From a female blog reader:
Gooday 2 d admin nd all d aws....kudos 2 u on ur work....I don't really av a relationship problem, its abt me nd myself, I get angry easily dis days I don't knw y, any silly li2 question provoke me, I wasn't like dis nd I don't want 2 b lyk dis though av try 2 figure out y which I tink its bcos of my parent...both of them lie a lot esp my dad, my mum biz hasn't b goin on well which make her 2 always say dere is no money nd so she doesn't help in d aws,nd my dad tink its cool if he also start sayin d same tin nd dis is affecting me, pls bom advice on aw nt 2 transfer aggresion, av been trying 2 b cool....tanx
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