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Saturday, 1 October 2016

If you're a girl looking for admission, the university shall conduct a virginity test to ascertain your qualification to gain entrance into the institution, an Egyptian parliamentarian Ilhamy Agina told a newspaper on Thursday 29 September 2016.

His words:
"Any girl who enters university must be examined to prove she is a maiden."
However, Agina's words have come to haunt him as he faced ridicule on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter shortly after the statement went viral. He then made a press release to logically withdraw the stament, although he hasn't admitted any wrongdoing.

Agina told AFP on Friday:
"People have been attacking me since yesterday and they’re upset and such. I’ve decided not to deal with the media.

"I did not make a demand, I made a suggestion. There’s a big difference between a demand and a suggestion."
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