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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

From a female blog reader:
Im so confused right now,got introduced to a guy through a friend last year but i told him off. Met him again 2months ago and decided to just go with the flow even tho his english kills me he says things like(where did you went to, are you lefting) after all who english help and yes he's a graduate.My problem now is that our mutual friend just told me that the guy is getting married before the year runs out, so i decided to ask him stylishly but he denied it and is even talking about getting married to me, his pda game is tight,leaves his phone with me and sometimes i take his calls,spends on me silly,literally chokes me with attention. I decided to upload our pictures on fb and tag him just to see his reaction only for him to profess his undying love for me in the comment section. I talked to a friend about it and she said it's either his wife to be isn't on fb and doesn't stay in the same city or probably isn't in the country hence his pda, or he doesn't just care as i really don't know why he's getting married and on the other hand it could be our mutual friend is lying which i doubt. Dear bom family mbok help me with suggestions on how to find out the truth because i am really confused and wouldn't want to be a home wrecker even before it's been set up. Thanks and God bless you all.
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