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Sunday, 4 September 2016

CcHUB was the first place Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited upon his arrival in Nigeria on Tuesday 30 August 2016. The CEO of CcHUB, Bosun Tijani, whom apparently organized the whole thing, has spoken on the level of secrecy involved in the whole stuff.
Tijani told Punch Newspapers:
"It was challenging. We were literally warned not to (say anything); if there was a leak, he would turn back, he wouldn’t come. The sixth or seventh richest man in the world; it was a security threat.

"We didn’t know on time that he was the one that was coming; we knew a CEO or executive was coming from Facebook. Then few weeks before his arrival, we were informed that he was coming.

"Who would not be excited? This man is worth about, how much, between $53 and $55bn. That is a lot of money. He is worth much more than our budget. He is, probably, the sixth or seventh richest man in the world, walking the streets of Yaba, right here in Nigeria."

"I think he was really stunned at the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians. He said from the moment (the plane) landed, people were different and the way people just wanted to do things, he could tell that a lot of people here are serious-minded entrepreneurs. He sees the opportunities, not only the fact that we have a big market; we have people who are talented, people who are dreamers and for him, that is a major part of our future and one of the things that will determine how far we go as a people."
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