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Friday, 2 September 2016

Yes, it's called the Ministry of Women Affairs but ministers are not permitted to live reckless lifestyles, so says the law.

India's minister of Women and Child Development Sandeep Kumar has been sacked following a leaked sex tape where he was recorded making out with two half naked women. Although married, Kumar's actions with the unidentified women led to his sack by prime minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday  31 August 2016.

India's chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said of the incident:
"We never try to cover up wrongdoings when evidence comes up against our ministers or party workers, unlike other parties. He has betrayed us."

Meanwhile, the accused, Sandeep, a father of one, thinks the incident is a setup.

He narrated while speaking to Indian journalists on Thursday 1 September 2016:
"This is a conspiracy against me because I was becoming a prominent face of the Dalit community in the city,

"Check the authenticity of the CD. It is a matter of investigation, a conspiracy to suppress me."
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