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Friday, 23 September 2016

Sent by a blog reader:
This Morning on my way out to work two buildings away from my house I saw a couple fighting, they were screaming so hard the woman was cursing the man was telling people to leave him so he can beat her. Passersby stopped to watch, their neighbors were trying to separate the fight... I was Scared at the same time embarrassed not because I know the couple but it made me remember how as a child I watched and sometimes try to separate my parents when they fight.. most times I was scared, embarrassed when people came to watch or separate them.. I always hide my Siblings so dey don't see them. Most times they cry and I wish I could protect them. Today brought back that feeling. Watching my parents fight affected me badly but they never knew... We were all scared of Marriage. I was depressed. Each time I saw a happy family I wished it was mine. It made me withdraw from people. I saw men as harmful beings. And for some reasons I don't know but I felt unloved. I urge couples no Matter how bad the situation is or how angry you are try and settle amicably. You never can know the effect of your action on your children. Thank you
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