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Sunday, 25 September 2016

From a female blog reader (who needs urgent help):
I am very sorry for coming here because I saw it clearly that it's from 18 and above, but am dying in silence. Am "17 years old and my step daddy has been sleeping with me, on several occasions I have told my mum but she will flog me and say I watch too many movies, I have also tried to tell my real daddy each time I go visiting but when he confronts my mum about it, she will fight him and call him a bad man.my daddy has gone as far as filing for my full custody but they are still in court. My daddy asked me to get evidence but I don't know how to. Please how do I get evidence to give my dad? My step daddy is very powerful and when he is on top of me I can't move I wil just be shouting and he will use pillow to cover my mouth.sometimes she ask me to me licking his private part and if I refuse he will beat me up, sometimes he also licks my private part and put his fingers inside my body. I don't like it because it is very painful and I feel pain each time I urinate. Please I need evidence . Thank you all.
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