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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dearies, I know. It felt like I betrayed your warm company when I didn't publish any updates on Somtoo Okoye blog yesterday. I received a message on Facebook from one blog reader and another female dearie who lives in my street stopped me when I went out to buy food in the evening to know why I didn't publish because according to her, Somtoo.com is where she sleeps all day ( lol. I'm flattered).
Kindly bear with me folks. I was moving my "big" website (not somtoo.com) from an old hosting to a new one. This should be the work of my new hosting, but hey, with the way I was pestering them sha (as my old hosting was about expiring today) to move my site files before they disappear into the thin air, it looked like I was being turned into a pro beggar/bug

Finally had to stay up all day and all night and moved about 1TB (1024GB makes 1TB) of data between two servers without any help *flips hair*. Well, my eyes hurt now but then, their father. Same goes out to all these unimportants feeling James Bond over little assistance they could offer their fellow human beings.

In case you're are wondering how I did it, no, I didn't download and upload 1TB of data o!

Here's what I did:

  1. I zipped all my data in old hosting using File Manager. Named it backup.zip.
  2. I created a file named get.php in new hosting. Inside it, I placed the code I got here.
  3. I browsed get.php via URL of new hosting ie my mysite.com/get.php. I entered the absolute URL of backup.zip ie http://oldsite.com/backup.zip and clicked Upload.
  4. The files uploaded within seconds, however what took time was that I broke the backup zip files into plenty of batches and uploaded them one at a time to avoid crashing of either of my new or old servers during the process.
  5. Used PHPmyAdmin to backup mySQL from old host and reuploaded on new host with CPanel's Backup Wizard.
  6. That's all! Site is working well now. Check the URL at bestmobs.com
Dearies, please sit back let's enjoy the rest of the day!

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