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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Following the pictures of a tunnel commission by governor Rochas Okorocha in Imo State capital Owerri which I showed you here, another blog reader, Ohalete Wisdom Mayor, has taken pictures of the tunnel built in Enugu, Enugu State.
He wrote:

Behind me in the photo here, is one of the Tunnels in Enugu State. This tunnel is around New Heaven Junction towards Chime Avenue by Ascot Hotel.

The Tunnel Design here is such that,the original ground level was not altered. There was no excavations underground here just like that of Imo. As usual the road leading to Abakpa Junction was cut to pave way for the construction of the tunnel across it while maintaining the ground level along Chime Avenue.

But, one can see what is happening here. There was heavy downpour in some parts of Enugu today which affected this area. Even at the point of taking this photographs at about 2 o'clock PM this afternoon,the rains had subsided and u know what that means with what is happening here on the photo. Which means the percolation of runoff was too much before this time.

And this is one of the tunnels used as yardstick and reference point by some microscopic few in Imo. These microscopic few in Imo accepted and referred to what u see here as TUNNEL which is 20meters long and have refused to refer to our own in Imo which is 19.6meters as Tunnel.

Ndi Imo Nakwa Echecki Nu Ooooo.
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