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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

From a female blog reader:
I need to know if am being childish like my friends are saying . I have a very massive ass that I can't pass without people looking both guys and girls. I have been out of a relationship for 4years now and it's very frustrating, so I met this very wonderful guy online, on this page too, I hope he does not see this . We have been chatting and he is so cute from is pictures, but you know guys don't take much pictures like we ladies so it's mostly is face. He sends me money and we have really gone deep until we decided to meet. When we met I was completely turned off, because he has a very big ass too. How can a man have big yansh like a woman, the day I saw him he was on pant trouser and u need to see the way his ass was shaking, it was a complete turn off for me. I must say the guy is wonderful but his ass is too big. How do I handle this ? People might say am being childish but imagine my ass and his ass during sex, it's a turn off. Please just suggest to me, am 33 years now . Thanks.
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