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Monday, 19 September 2016

From a male blog reader:
I'm dating a girl 21 who's been having issues with either Jamb, or sch fees, or some issues 4 some years now. (so she told me).i knew her from Fb September last year we met December when i came. it's actually a long distance relationship. She happened 2 be a virgin tho which i broke. But since i went back to base it's been 1 issue or d other. She told me her parent said they don't have money 2 spend on her sch again so i decided 2 take over cuz i really love her and wish 2 marry her. But from her going 2 write Jamb dis year she cheated. i felt it then and we started having fights b4 she opened up that she's been seeing some1. that he met d guy where she went 2 write jamb. 1 of d supervisors, then she apologized and i accepted and we moved on. and this is d jamb i sent her money for and i've been sending her money 4 her up keep every month.ok she went 4 post utme and she cheated again. I sent money for d form in 3 schs, sent her tf to take her 2 all d sch she will be writing it plus money to lodge in a hotel after writing n she ended up cheating again. I forgave her and we moved on. I've been thinking of just giving up on her but she will always beg and cuz i love her we will move on. Since we had sex January b4 i traveled till now i've not touched any girl till now. i chose 2 b faithful. and she refused 2 stay 1 place.some days back she was singing about screening and all that. she needs money, i didn't want to send her cuz i sent her 2 go write Jamb she cheated, go and write post utme she cheated again. then what happens when she go 4 screening and finally enters sch. i managed 2 send her transport. she said after everything she will go 2 Delta to her aunt's place to sleep b4 coming back 2 Lag i told her 2 go 2 my house in Delta she said no. only 4 her 2 call me around 6-7 that she can't go 2 Delta again, that she called her friend and her friend called someone 2 go pick her up which happened 2 b a guy. d thing is she slept in a guy's house. she said they are 2 guys in d house and her, that she slept in d room and they slept in d sitting room (How possible)
Now i'm having problem of paying her sch fees and every other things concerning her sch.I've budgeted d money but releasing it her now is d problem. How do i do this. I'm confused she will continue cheating on me while in sch. Should i just let her go?
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  1. Bro leave her with immediate effect... Cos if you guys eventually get married... I swear na she go kill you...


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