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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

From a female blog reader:
I have been following your page and its really awesome but let me go straight to the point, I started dating this guy february,he has been so loving and although we have our ups and downs we still Get through it,the problem is that he is married with two kids,although he complains about how his wife treats him-without respect and doesn't give him attention or show him any love(they were 4yrs 22nd of this month). I have even met her before and his kids,he invited me for his wife's sis wedding which we spent the night together a day before the wedding and the wife didn't even care about his whereabouts...fast forward to now...I am almost 3 months pregnant for him,he is so afraid of his wife knowing because I guess she earns more than him and pays the bills, he keeps talking about how his mind hasn't been settled and how he has tried to be distant away that he has betrayed her(although still keeps telling me he loves me and he wants the best for me but not this way that he wants me to be happy in my own home) the problem is am pregnant with twins, and I cant remove it,even if it was one cos I have problem with my health(low blood) please I need advice,should I just block him off and take care of my kids alone or we should keep talking till he gets over it... by the way I have been having several dreams of me leaving him then I had just one boy and he kept disturbinng and thretening me that he wants the boy,also when I try to enter another relationship and he gets to know he starts threatening me and the son..although it could all be a dream and also it could be a vision...what should I do please
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