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Monday, 12 September 2016

 From a male blog reader:
So I decided to share this, I have known my bae for a year+ now and I totally love her. Problem started when I began to find out that some things she told me early on in the relationship weren't True eg. Details of her past relationships and all..

I kept cool cause I thought she had her reasons at first but I kept noticing more, then I started reading chats and saw even more.. Am really a trust believer, so I confronted her she told me it would never happen again but she fails in that promise sometimes, now I think am insecure around her as I can't help but look through her messages anytime the opportunity presents itself, and I think she now deletes some of her chats *not sure tho* she has promised to work on herself and be better and I have been strong for her ever since always being forgiving, there are even something's I found out about her that I don't want to ask about cos I think she might lie about it.. I really love her and we have been through a whole lot.. But I really need to know if she loves me as much as she says it.. Because we now argue over the slightest things and am really not a fan.. I want to trust my bae but I think I have lost how... PS: Bae., if you see this just know its cos I love you and want us to be better..
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