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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Read a report sent me by a blog reader just now:
Good morning.

Why are some humans so wicked? Please read carefully..

So my friend has been working for this woman for the past 7months now and she's paid her for only 2months and that's february and march.. Ever since then till today, she hasn't received anything from her.They sell baby wears, gowns and shoes, but the place isn't a really busy arena.

Fast forward to July while I was still in school, my friend called me that she hasn't received anything from the woman and I was like Wtf? You mean you've been working like like that? No pay nothing? And she said yeah that the woman said she'll pay, I advised her to quit than sitting there like that cause its almost like she's jobless, but she said she can't leave her money for the woman like that.

Last month she had accommodation issues she had to leave where she's staying, parked her things and dropped somewhere (the parents aren't based here) she talked to the madam about paying even tho it means giving her 20,000 as part payment so as to add up to what she has and rent a house, the woman still refused saying she doesn't have money, and they've been making sales in the shop, now isn't that wickedness?

Now the issue is, she got fed up and decided to forward the issue to the police.. Reaching there she made complains,wrote statement.. But when her Madam arrived she changed the issue, called the husband and told the DPO the girl stole her things and that she's only owing her for 2months.. Now my friend Is been detained there since yesterday till now, the police has asked her to call her people to come sign undertaking, undertaking for what... Is this the kinda police we now have in Nigeria? Where if you don't have money you don't have right to freedom? This is just sheer wickedness.

I don't know if she can be bailed today cause the Madam has taken up the case, she really needs help...

Location: port harcourt, woji estate police station.
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