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Thursday, 8 September 2016

From a male blog reader:
I have not slept since my wife woke me up 4 nights ago and asked me a very wired question. She woke me up at around 2.30am to ask me if I have written my WILL. I was shocked and asked her why? She said she just wanted to know because she had a terrible dream about me,I told her I have not because I don't intend to die soon. This woman started convincing me on why I must write my will, I was not listening to her because I felt like beating her up. After she finished talking I just carried my pillow and went straight to the sitting room before she even slit my neck when I fall asleep. Please I need general view on this, when you have a bad dream are you not suppose to pray about it instead of asking for WILL? We never had any fight at all, I provide for my family and I satisfy my wife too. So I need to know if she has a motive of killing me or I should just over look it.
Thanks as you post.
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