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Saturday, 24 September 2016

From a female blog reader:
5yrs ago, I used to know one guy like that, Ben . Ben was very nice to me and selfless, he was not my type but I found myself dating him. I never loved him, I didnt find him attractive but I continued thinking I would love him one day. 1 year after, I met another guy, I liked him. Infact, I loved him. He loved me too so dearly, we started dating, I was able to 'get close' to him cos the love was there. During those times, I sat myself down and thought about it, that it wouldn't be fair for me to leave the guy that has shown me nothing but love for the new guy. I then broke up with the new guy. He cried and begged. I cried my eyes out too but I had to take that bold step. Am igbo and he is yoruba. I have 4 brothers 2 sisters. His parents and family love me. I then continued with ben but I couldn't just concentrate. I loved the other guy so much that I got back together with him again. This time, he promised never to let go of my hand. Meanwhile, I told him about ben that ben was my ex and we have nothing to do with each other. My problem is, Ben loves me no doubt, he can give me his last kobo even though he is not that rich. The other guy that I love loves me too but sometimes he is stingy with giving me. He is also not that rich and that is his excuse (that he doesn't have much). I started thinking into the future that this guy I love, once he is rich, he might not take care of me since he isn't so nice with giving now that he doesn't have much. I can't get close to Ben cos the love is not there but I have a great chemistry with the other guy. Me and the guy are like friends, we have seen the best and worst times together for four years. His ex disturbs him now but he shuts her off. When I saw this issue was beyond me, I talked to my pastor, we prayed . He saw a vision that the two of them are good, but the guy I love, though is not rich now will be successful later and make a good husband, while the one I don't love, Ben, as a matter of fact has a short life. Not that I believe in pastor's visions but I had the dream also after prayers. Since then, I av been bothered. I wondered that, how can someone so nice and selfless.
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