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Monday, 19 September 2016

From a female blog reader:
 I am so depressed I don't know what to do.this is my story....I first met this guy in 2005 while I was in the university,he asked me out and I refused him.we co-incidentally met in 2013 again.he asked me out again and I accepted since I was not in any relationship.we started dating.he took me down to meet his mom few weeks into the relationship and they knew him in my family too.one of his friend chatted me up BBM and told me I should be careful of him.that he has mood swings and I should pray about it.atimes when we go visit his elder cousins they do tell me right in front of him that can I manage him and so on.as time goes on..he started showing all what people told me about him.to the extends of beating me.shouting at me.it got to a stage he stopped working and I was the one assissting him.my father disagree of me marrying him.because my dad was always settling issues for us...my siblings don't like him.I could not cope so I ended it in 2014.his mom tried to settle it but my dad refused.I told my company to transfer me to Abuja because I was ashamed and scared he might come hurt me at work.I was so lonely in Abuja.I relocated to the US...in 2015 on my birthday he sent me a message on fb and asked for my number.we got talking again and he said he was so sorry for what happened that he is now a changed person.I accepted him back.we decided to keep thing away from everybody.we did not add ourselves as friends on fb,I will send him money to do stuff to get him here he would spend the money,sponsored him to 5 different coutries.applied for a US visa for him like 3 times.I asked if I should come home so that we can get married.he said no..he is not also working up till now too..am just tired of all this as I have chased all the guys that are asking me out in the US.I even got him a job from here.he went for 3days and stopped.all he tells me is ...he would work things out.I don't know what to do...and am not getting younger.should I keep sponsoring him.or I just let him go
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