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Saturday, 3 September 2016

From a male blog reader:
I share a flat with twin brothers and they've gotten their own house now & 1 has moved out, d other 1 still postponing his moving (which's not a problem tho)
I ran into this formal house mate's girl(now ex) and she started telling me what's been happening. That she has broken up with d guy 3 months now(d 1 that has moved out)cuz he now have another girl which i no. He started bringing her 2 d house b4 he moved out. She told me how she went recently & d guy's current gf came and fought her, they fought till 2am & d guy threw her out that night that they don't have anything again after sleeping with her o. She showed me marks on her body.Finger marks.This's how it started. Sincerely speaking i didn't actually ask her out. She wanted 2 tell me what happened & i didn't have time cuz i went to get some drinks. i had visitors in my house that day.so i took her number, told her i will call her that was how we met at a joint. after which she did more of d calling. And cuz i don't like talking so long with a girl with her card i will tell her lemme call back or i won't pick and then call back. But she later made it seem like i'm d one actually asking 4 it, expecting me to take it from there. (U no girls na) So i didn't dull cuz i like her. That was how i did and it got to this now.So we hooked up one night and she wants me to assure her that i won't hurt her. that it's difficult to love again. And then she asked me, what if i see his ex now as we are sitting what will i do?So i told her i won't do anything, i won't run, cuz i didn't snatch her from him. He had her all to himself but felt she wasn't good enough, hurt her, treated her so badly. So she said it's ok. But what about d twin brother that still lives with me.Aren't we gonna have problem? That she's worried about me not herself. That she owe them nothing. That how's it gonna be when they find out we now dating. I told a friend, an older friend that is like a big bro 2 me and he said i should do it hide and seek which i'm not ok with. I'm not a kid. I'm 25, same age with d twin and she's 23. i like showing off whoever i date. So i'd like to hear what d house thinks
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