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Saturday, 3 September 2016

OAP Freeze made this statement while reacting to inquires about the social media incident between him and comedian Basketmouth that reportedly led to his sack by Cool FM last weekend.

Speaking to Saturday Beats the controversial radio presenter said:
"When you work in a corporate organisation, it is not everything that goes on there that you can make a story out of. Legally, I am not allowed to comment on such a matter because I have a non-disclosure agreement with my organisation. I cannot even comment because I tried to sit down with lawyers to know what to say but they advised me to tell anyone who asked that I cannot comment but what I can say is that CoolFM is my family and that is where I have worked for over 15 years.

"Sometimes we disagree and what we disagree on are matters that the world does not know about. They are professional and work related matters. It has nothing to do with a comedian or social media.

"It was the humour of my weekend when the story broke. I was shocked that people actually believed the story and I had fun with it. I chose not to answer; what I chose to do is when I resume work and people see me, they would deduce whatever it is they want to deduce. Legally as a person, I could be sued for making a comment on that.

"I have gone through so much with Basketmouth and I have decided that personally, I will not comment about him because anything I say would be taken to his camp and it would be interpreted in any way they want to interpret it. They would respond, then I would have to respond again and we would drag the issue for a while again.

"We have been on this matter for too long and from my own side, I want to rest it, not because of the fact that I am afraid of anything but because I think it has been on for too long.

"The only thing I will talk about is that CoolFM is a corporate entity and a comedian’s feeling or emotions about me is our personal issue. It has nothing to do with the corporate world. I am at CoolFM on a contract and my position cannot be affected by a social media comment or post.

"Everyone in the office was shocked when they read some of the reports online. It made me to wonder how people would believe what they read on social media platforms. It was stated on a blog as a fact that I was sacked. I threatened to sue them and my lawyers are waiting but some people begged me that it was not necessary to create bad blood.

"There was no iota of truth in their news and they spread it as a fact. Such reports could affect my future especially if I wanted to work in another place, they would claim that I was sacked because of the things that were  posted on some blogs."
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